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Do you wear all the hats in your business - are you feeling burnt out.

Then in might be the time to invest in a Virtual Assistant

Image by J. Kelly Brito

Our VA Services

  • Admin 

  • Web Support 

  • Customer Service 

  • Email Management 

  • Diary Management 

  • Social Media Management 

  • Canva Support  

  • Presentation Curation

  • Event Assistance 

  • Copywriting 

  • Outreach Support 

  • General Assistance

Why hire a VA?

The real question is why not hire a VA? 

The stats show that on average only 3hrs of an 8hr work day are utilised efficiently. 

So nobody’s happy - companies aren't getting value for money and employees are being drained of their time and ultimately missing out on life or trying to make their lives work.

Also, it may take one person with 10 years of experience 1hr to complete one task - yet it might take a person with 1 years experience 10hrs to complete the same task. 
I feel that’s where it can get frustrating on both parties. 

So why not outsource people in your desired niche - if you need social media, hire a SMM for a few hours a week. 
Need some admin - get an administrator for a few hours a week. 

The respect for one and other grows as you both appreciate each other - therefor happy company, happy worker.

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